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Offering varied practice facilities for blind and visually impaired pipe organists, in one north London location.

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Braille music and textbooks

The following list is a library of braille music and textbooks belonging to David Aprahamian Liddle, accessible to The Arabesque Trust, upon request. Items are for use only where they are located.

Most RNIB scores are in the older, "Bar-By-Bar" method. More recent transcriptions use the Bar-Over-Bar system. Scores from other European countries are in the Section-By-Section, Paragraph style.


ED. = edited or arranged by.
HT = home transcription brailled on loose pages from dictation on a Perkins machine, written in the Bar-By-Bar system.
RB = transcribed by Ron Bayfield.


32 Preludes, Praeambels, Toccatas etc. by Bach, Handel, Fischer, Frescobaldi, Raison, Dandrieu, Boyvin, Titelouze, Mozart, Walther, Schildt, Krebs.

Alte Meister des Orgelspiels Book 1: pieces by Böhm, Bruhns, Buxtehude, Cabezon, Frescobaldi, Froberger, Kerll, Muffat.

Alte Meister des Orgelspiels Book 2: pieces by Pachelbel, Praetorius, Scheidt, Schlick, Sweelinck, Titelouze, Tunder.

Archives des Maîtres de l'Orgue: Du Mage, Le Bègue, Clérambault, D'Aquin.

Archives des Maîtres de l'Orgue: Clérambault, Daquin, De Grigny, F. Couperin, Marchand.

Deo Gloria: manuals only pieces (mostly 16th-18th-Century) chosen by Langlais as short liturgical voluntaries.

Liber Organi Book 4: (Schott) pieces by Fasolo, Banchieri, Zipoli.

Liber Organi Book 4: (Schott) Frescobaldi: Toccata, Capriccio Pastorale, Ricercar, Canzona.

Meisterwerke Deutscher Tonkunst: pieces by Froberger.

Music by old Dutch composers: Ockeghem, Obrecht, Isaac, Des Prés, Willaert, De Monte, Sweelinck.

Organum Book 7: pieces by Brunckhorst, Kneller, Leyding.

Organum Book 12: Pachelbel: Preludes, Fantasias, Toccatas.

Organum Book 13: Pachelbel: Chaconnes, Fugues, Ricercars.

"The colours of the organ": pieces by Lloyd Webber, Heathcote Statham, Francis Jackson, Arthur Wills, Desmond Ratcliffe, Leo Sowerby.

"Unbeaten tracks": pieces by Huw Watkins, Diana Burrell, Roxanna Panufnik, David Matthews, Errollyn Wallen, Graham Fitkin, Judith Bingham, David Bedford.

Alphabetical composer list:

Jehan Alain: (Leduc) most of his pieces, including Trois Danses; Two copies of 2 Chorals.

Arne: Toccata in A.

J. C. Bach: 51 Chorale Preludes, with 3 by Pachelbel.

J. S. Bach: (mainly Peters Edition) Chorale Preludes; Preludes and Fugues; Fantasias; Trio Sonatas; Toccatas; Passacaglia; Pastorale; Allabreve; Labyrinth; A minor Concerto; D minor Concerto, HT; Novello Book 20 "The Chorales".

Jennifer Bate: Toccata on a theme of Martin Shaw.

Beethoven: Suite for Mechanical Organ.

Blow: Toccata, ED. John E. West; Selected Organ Works, ED. A. V. Butcher.

Boëllmann: Heures mystiques book 1 Op.29; book 2 Op.30; Marche religieuse Op.16; Suite Gothique, two copies.

Bossi: Studio Sinfonico, HT; Colloquio con le Rondini, HT; Scherzo, RB.

Brahms: Chorale Preludes Op.122 Nos.2, 4, 7, 8-11; Nos.1, 3, 5 and 6, RB; Prelude and Fugue in G minor, HT.

Bridge: Adagio in E; Allegretto Grazioso, Allegro Commodo, Allegro Marziale.

Percy Buck: 2 Christmas Preludes.

Buxtehude: Prelude and Fugue in E minor; Prelude and Fugue in D minor; Fugue in C.

Byrd: 2 Misereres, HT.

Cabanilles: Tiento de Falsas, HT.

Cabezon: Diferencias, HT.

Clérambault: Premier Livre d'Orgue.

Cocker: Tuba tune.

Benjamin Cosyn: Fantasia.

F. Couperin: Messe pour les Paroisses; Messe pour les couvents; various short pieces.

Louis Couperin: Organ works.

Henri Dallier: Electa ut sol.

Daquin: Le Coucou (Rondeau), HT.

J. N. David: Choralwerke.

Jeanne Demessieux: Prélude and Fugue in C, HT.

Dupré: Variations sur un Noël; 3 élévations Op.32, two copies; 3 Preludes and Fugues Op.7; Cortège et Litany, two copies; Suite Bretonne; Symphonie Passion; 3 Esquisses, HT.

Duruflé: all pieces; some, RB; revised ending of Toccata, HT; Two copies of Veni creator Op.4.

Elgar: Sonata in G.

Fleury: Toccatina, HT.

Franck: Fantaisies in A and C; 3 Chorales; Pièce Héroïque; Grande Pièce Symphonique; Prière; Pastorale; Final; Cantabile; Prélude Fugue et Variation; L’Organiste: 7 pieces in C major or minor; 7 in D flat major or C sharp minor; 7 in D major or minor; 7 in E flat major or minor; 7 in F major or minor; 7 in G flat major or F sharp minor; 7 in G major or minor; 7 in A flat major or G sharp minor.

Franck arranged by Vierne: 5 pieces from L’Organiste, arranged by Vierne for organ with pedals.

Frescobaldi: various pieces; Toccatas per l'Elevazione, HT.

G. Gabrieli: Canzon, HT.

Armstrong Gibbs: "Folksong", No.5 of 6 sketches.

Gigout: Scherzo; Toccata.

Harvey Grace: Cradle song; Scherzo; Meditation; Nos.2, 5, and 7 from 10 pieces.

Guilmant: Sonata No.5.

Händel: Organ Concerto in B flat, Op.4 No.2 (organ part, Bärenreiter edition); Organ Concertos Op.4 arranged for organ solo by S. de Lange: G minor; B flat; F; F; B flat; 2 Sonatas for Oboe and keyboard; Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, ED. Stainton Taylor.

Harwood: Album of eight pieces; Concerto for Organ and Orchestra organ part; 3 Short Pieces: Prelude, Larghetto and Finale, HT.

Anton Heiller: Tanz-Toccata.

Otto Heinermann: 2 Chorale Preludes.

Hindemith: Sonatas 1-3.

Hollins: many pieces.

Honegger: Fugue and Choral, HT.

Howells: Psalm Prelude Op.32 No.1.

J. Eric Hunt: Alla Minuet; Alla Marcia.

Ireland: Sursum Corda; Alla Marcia.

Ives: Variations on "America"; and Adeste Fidelis.

Francis Jackson: Toccata Chorale and Fugue.

Janácek: organ solo from Glagolitic Mass.

Joseph Jongen: Prélude élégiaque and Pensée d'Automne; Improvisation-Caprice; Choral; Cantabile; Prière; Chant de Mai; Toccata RB; Symphonie Concertante, organ part.

Jeanne Joulain: Noël Flamand, RB.

Karg-Elert: Op.65 Chorale Improvisations including "Ein' feste Burg" and Nun danket", 3 Pastels Op.92; Sarabande from Partita Op.37 No.3; Legende RB; Liebster Jesu Op.78, HT; Jerusalem du hochgebaute Stadt Op.65, HT; Mach's mit mir Gott, ht.

Landini: Questa Fanciulla, HT.

Lang: Tuba Tune.

Langlais: Te deum; Ave Maria ave maris stella; Nos.1-12 of 24 Pieces; Suite Francaise; Suite médiévale; Hommage to Frescobaldi; 3 Gregorian Paraphrases; 24 pieces for organ or harmonium.

Lefébure-Wély: various pieces.

Leighton: Scherzo Op.41.

David Aprahamian Liddle: rough working "manuscripts' of all pieces, HT.

Liszt: complete organ works.

Litaize: Nos.7-12 of Twelve Pieces; 12 pieces; 5 Liturgical pieces.

Lloyd Webber: 6 Interludes on Christmas carols.

Lübeck: 4 Preludes and Fugues: C; D minor; E; and G minor.

Georges Mac-Master: Toccata in A No.2 Op.67.

Macpherson: Prelude in G.

Adolphe Marty: Entrée or Marche de procession (Lauda Sion).

Mendelssohn: Sonatas 2 and 5; Wedding March, ED. W. T. Best.

Messiaen: L'Ascension; L'Apparition; some of La Nativité; Le Banquet céleste, HT.

Mozart: Fantasia in F minor K.608, ED. W. T. Best.

Mulet: Carillon-Sortie; Tu es petra, RB; Rosace, RB; Procession, RB.

Mushel: Toccata.

Nowowiejski: Symfonia Op.45 No.3 in A minor (Lourdes).

Padovano: Ricercar del Primo Tono (Salve Regina), HT.

Palestrina: Ricercar del Primo Tuono, HT.

Parry: Tranquillo; Chorale Preludes on "Eventide"; "Melcombe"; "St Cross"; "Martyrdom".

Pepping: Partita "Wer nur den lieben Gott"; Kleines Orgelbuch; Grosses Orgelbuch.

Flor Peeters: Variations on "Lord Jesus hath a garden".

Gordon Phillips: 6 Carol Preludes.

Carl Piutti: Festhymnus.

Purcell: Voluntary on The Old 100th, HT; various Trumpet tunes; Trumpet voluntaries.

Reger: 12 Pieces Op.59; Fantasia and Fugue Op.57; Phantasie on "Freu dich sehr" Op.30; Introduction and Passacaglia in D minor; Phantasie Op.40 No.1 on "Wie schön leucht't"; Phantasie Op.40 No.2 on "Straf" mich nicht"; Phantasie and Fugue on BACH Op.46; 5 Easy Preludes and Fugues Op.56; 52 Easy Chorale Preludes Op.67 Nos.36-52 only, Reger/Straube: Schule des Triospiels.

Reubke: Sonata.

Rheinberger: Sonata No.3; Sonata No.9 in B flat minor; Sonata No.16 in G sharp minor.

Roger-Ducasse: Pastorale.

Saint-Saëns: Fantaisies in D flat and E flat; 3 Preludes and Fugues Op.99 in E, B and E flat; organ part of Symphony No.3.

Sark: Toccata Primi Toni.

Schumann: 6 Studies in Canonic form, Peters Edition.

Gordon Slater: An Easter Alleluya.

Soler: Concerto in C for two organs.

Sowerby: Carillon, RB.

Stanley: 10 Voluntaries (Volume 3 from 30 Voluntaries), ED. Denis Vaughan; Suite in D.

Sweelinck: Variations on "Mein junges leben"; 3 Fantasias.

Kurt Thomas: Variations on "Es ist ein Schnitter".

Eduardo Torres: Saeta No.3, HT.

Tournemire: Suite No.35 from L'Orgue Mystique (Assumption).

Vaughan Williams: 3 Preludes founded on Welsh Hymn Tunes.

Vierne: Symphonies 1 (two copies); 2; 3; 6, RB; complete 4 Suites of Pièces de Fantaisie, two copies; complete Pièces en Style Libre, two copies; Tryptique Op.58, two copies; Messe basse pour les défunts Op.62; Marche épiscopale and Méditation from 3 improvisations transcribed by Duruflé, RB.

René Vierne: a couple of small pieces, RB.

Walcha: 25 Chorale Preludes.

Walton: Crown Imperial, ED. Herbert Murrill.

Whitlock: Plymouth Suite; 5 Short Pieces; 7 Sketches on the Psalms; Carol; Fidelis; Pazienza, HT.

Widor: Symphonies 5-10; Serenade.

Wolstenholme: Rondino in D flat; Allegretto in E flat; Air and Prelude; The question and the answer.

Pietro Yon: Humoresque "L'Organo Primitivo" (Toccatina for Flute).

Piano music

This includes nearly all of Chopin's compositions in the Klindworth-Scharwenka edition published by Augener; assorted pieces by Beethoven, Debussy, Mozart, Ravel, Satie, Schubert, and keyboard works of J. S. Bach published by Augener and Schott.

Music Literature:

Bush: Strict Counterpoint in Palestrina Style.

Edmund H. Fellowes: "William Byrd".

Edmund H. Fellowes: English Cathedral Music.

Gordon Jacob: Orchestral Technique.

George Oldroyd: The Technique and Spirit of Fugue.

Jonathan Rennert: "George Thalben-Ball".

Church Music:

Miscellaneous single anthems and carols.

Edwards: Small wonder, organ part, HT.

Carols for Choirs 1 and 2.

100 Carols for Choirs, Nos.1-29 (Words, voices and accompaniment).

The Oxford Carol Book.

Britten: A Ceremony of Carols.

J. S. Bach: Cantata "Sleepers, wake".

Dunhill: The Christmas Rose.

Duruflé: motet "Ubi caritas"; Requiem (Words, voices and accompaniment).

The Church Anthem Book: 100 Anthems ED. Walford Davies and Henry G. Ley.

Fauré: Pie Jesu from Requiem, RB.

Mozart: Laudate Dominum; Alleluia from Exultate Jubilate, HT.

Merbecke: Holy Communion, ED. Martin Shaw.

Dom Gregory Murray: A new people's Mass.

Ireland: Communion Service in C, organ part, HT.

Walton: Gloria, organ part, HT.

Gelineau: Selection from 24 Psalms.

English Hymnal (1906): tunes and words.

Ancient and Modern: tunes, 1913.

Ancient and Modern Revised: tunes, 1950.

Anglican Hymn Book Vol.1. [Tunes or words]

100 Hymns for Today: tunes.

30 20th-Century Hymn Tunes.

New English Hymnal: some tunes, all the Responsorial Psalms RB.

New English Praise: most of the Responsorial Psalms RB.

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