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Offering varied practice facilities for blind and visually impaired pipe organists, in one north London location.

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Overview of resources

The Arabesque Trust has been set up primarily for blind pipe organists. In the comfortable setting of an elegant North London house, the Trust offers the use of a two-manual and pedal mechanical action chamber organ, as well as a Bechstein and other pianos, clavichords and a two-manual de Blaise harpsichord, for leisure, study, teaching or performing purposes.

Individuals can request items from the library of braille musical scores available for use on the premises. Advice and tuition in Braille music literacy can be arranged.

A large collection of musical recordings is also accessible for listening on vinyl, reel-to-reel, cassette, CD, and other formats.

Visually impaired musicians may apply to use the comfortable settings for small-scale musical activities and events - which could include rehearsals - provided that they plan the logistics carefully.

The Arabesque Trust may be able to assist with travel costs to and from the premises in North London.

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The Arabesque Trust

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